Finally- A blog of my own!

Tags: : General, R, Statistics

After thinking about it a long time, I finally decided to create a blog of my own. Learning of Jekyll with kramdown markdown for interpreting MathJax made the difference, as I can now easily post with all the mathematical detail I want. Barry Clark’s guide really helped me getting started. I can event edit RMarkdown in RStudio, outputting text and images, and automatically publish on Github. I did not try this exciting pipeline yet, but it is documented by Andy South.

Well, if you are interested on my thoughts on statistics and R, you may consider adding this feed to your RSS reader.

What to Expect

Future posts will include:

  • An intro to the underlying concepts of machines learning. Taken from my course at BGU.
  • A mass of research ideas I have, and I know I will never have time to attend.
  • Random thoughts about R. Probably with some code.
Written on June 3, 2015