Personal note: In the name of those Linux users who do not have/want MS-Word: Please make the effort of using .DOCX and not .DOC .DOCX is better supported in non-MS sofware.

Software I wrote

  • RRHO R package: Implements the Rank-Rank Hypergeometric Overlap Test. Download from Bioconductor or Github.

  • chords R Package: Estimate population size and degree distribution in respondent driven samples, presented in our paper. Download from CRAN

  • SimpleLearner: Implements an easy to tune polynomial deep learning network. Download from GitHub.

  • Scraping ArXiv: Script for scraping ArXiv meta data and doing some exploratory statistics of manuscript ArXiving. Download from github.

  • SelectiveCI R package: Implements post-selection confidence intervals, presented in our paper. Download from github.

  • FPF R Package: Finds the prevalence of activation in fMRI group studies, presented in our paper.

Software I use

Software I want to try but didn’t have the time yet:

Hardware I use

  • Server- Lenovo x3850-X6: Just because I find that the batch cluster computing paradigm (e.g. Condor, SGE, etc.) is not suited for modern interactive data analysis. I found that you can get much more done with a single, massive, multiple core, RAM rich, server (running RStudio Server obviously).

  • Laptop- Lenovo T460s: The size of the X1 with the power of the T series.

  • Cloud- AWS: For any ad-hoc hardware needs (which is quite often for me), I just start an EC2 instance.