Quality Engineering Class Notes

Tags: : Statistics

Now that I am a member of the Industrial Engineering Dept. at Ben Gurion University, I am naturally looking into statistical aspects of Industrial Engineering. In particular process control. This being the case, I started teaching Quality Engineering. While preparing the course, I read the classical introductory literature and I felt it failed to convey the beauty of the field, by focusing on too many little details. I thus went ahead and wrote my own book, which can be found online.

How does it differ from existing literature:

  • Being an introductory text it has a very wide scope of topics. The focus is on the underlying ideas and terminology, and details are given in the references.
  • Topics covered: History of quality engineering, exploratory data analysis, process control charts, design of experiments, acceptance sampling, and reliability.
  • The design of experiments and reliability chapters have much wider scopes then typically found in quality engineering textbooks.
  • I read many books and papers while researching the literature, and I tried to bring the most recent and clear references to each topic.

I hope readers will find my notes useful. Being experimental, they may still contain mistakes. I would be very thankful to whoever decides to inform me of any mistakes found.

Written on November 20, 2015